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What Do Publishers Really Think Of The Emerging Forms Of Advertising? 




Over the past few years, the industry has seen new forms of advertising enter the market, including mobile, video, native and in-image ads, as well as open exchanges and private programmatic marketplaces.

This guide shares insights into how four publishers see these new forms of advertising fitting into their overall monetization strategies, as well as background and tips on native and in-image and insights into the media consumption habits of the Millennial generation.


 What You'll Find In This Guide:

  • 4 Interviews With Executives From ESIMedia, Internet Brands, Bauer Media and Terra

  • Publishers' Perspectives On Programmatic, Native, Video, Mobile and In-image Advertising 

  • Research From NYU On How Users, Especially Millennials Consume Content Today

  • 7 Tips For Implementing Native Advertising On Your Site

  • 28 Pages Of Jargon-Free Awesome Content